Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spell Cosmetics Haul

So I ordered from Spell Cosmetics on June 9, 2009. My package was shipped June 15, 2009 and I got it June 16, 2009. After they said they shipped it I got it really quick. I haven't tried anything out yet because I ordered four things and I only got three so I had to email the customer service. I got a email today and I will get my fourth purchased shipped to me immediately. They were so nice about it. I will defiantly purchase something else soon.

Here is what I purchased:

Eye Candy Trio
Cute Packaging
Comes with: Chocolate Cherry, Creme de Menth, and Carmel L Orange.

Allthatglitters21's Gloss Trio
I have them in finger nail polish tubes.
You get more in them.
So of course I have: Ellealie's Lullaby, Bitten, and Do I Dazzle You.

Then I got a a Deluxe Sample Kit
It comes with:
Three Foundations: Porcelin, Medium, and Mocha
Four Blushes: Zinfandel, Goddess Glow, St. Tropez, and Doll Face
One MagnetEyez
Twenty Eye shadows: St. Tropez Bronze, Iponema Sand, Mocha Dark, Mocha Light, Rebirth, Cocoa, Virgin, Champagne, Gold Salmon, South Beach, Driftwood, Purple Daze, Delve, Mintallic, Concord Grape, Lust, Manic, Citron, Covet, and Intention.

And I was supposed to get another sample kit it was the mega sample kit. So I will update you when that comes it. I hope it's soon.

But I will defiantly be purchasing from them again. It happens to everyone so I understand.

I really want the Sun and Surf Lotion.
O yea if you have anything from them that you think I should try let me know.

Monday, June 8, 2009

First Day of College!!!!

Okay so I woke up at 6:30 a.m. to get ready for my first college class which started at 7:50.
I straightened my hair. I put on makeup nothing to fancy. Just a neutral look and no foundation. I wore a gray Hollister tank top, a maroon Hollister shirt, and some Victoria Secrets cropped Sweat pants. So I went at about 7:40. Oh by the way me and my boyfriend have no classes together. BORING. I was really upset when I found that out. My first class teacher wasn't there so I signed in and was able to leave. But I got ready that early for nothing. So my first class is Fundamental of Composition. I don't really know anything about this class yet because I didn't have it.
Class Materials: A textbook-Exploring Writing by John Langan
Pencil,Pens,Paper and any other supply that I feel necessary
This class is over at 10:20
I have a ten minute break before my next class at 10:30. Which means I'll see my boyfriend at that time then he goes home cause his next class is at 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Then my second class is Advanced Reading Techniques.
I like the teacher as of now. She's really nice. I'm supposed to get out of this class at 1:00 but she said we aren't we will get out at 12:00 maybe earlier.
Class Material: Textbook-Breaking Through, 3x5 index cards,notebook paper,pencils, and pens.
Oh yea I have a test tomorrow for this second class.
I only had to stay 10 to 15 minutes in my second class today.
So I got to come home early again.
I came home and went to sleep. I was so tired.
I have tons more to tell you like about college tomorrow, free stuff I got for signing up for Trio, and my shopping list. Which I need to go buy all that stuff.
I'm going to start updating this everyday to tell you about the college life.
Have any questions? Ask Them

May Favorites

I know this is late but here it is now. It's better late than never.

Shampoo: Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight
Conditoner: Herbal Essences Dagerously Straight
Styling products: Sunsilk De-Frizz, CHI, Garnier Fructis Spray Gel, Herbal Essences Gel, Bed Head Hair Spray
Shower gel: Victoria Secrets Pure Seduction
Body Moisturizer:Johnsons Body Care
Deodrant: Dove
Fake tan: None
Cleanser: Acnee Free
Eye makeup remover:Maybelline
Exfoliator: Avon
Primer: None
Foundation: Merle Norman-Beige
Foundation brush: Sponge
Concealer: Covergirl
Powder: None
Blusher: Covergirl
Bronzer: Avon
Highlighter: None
Eyeshadow Base: I use maybelline dream mouse eyeshadow for a base
Eyeshadow: Victoria Secrets Chills, romance me, between the sheets, and firece
Eyeliner: Avon
Eyelash curler: Walmart
Eyelash base:None
Mascara: Revlon
Lipstick: Maybelline
Lipgloss: Victoria Secrets Mango Madness
Nail Color: New York Color Skin Tight Denim

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Review 1

Product-Sunsilk De-Frizz with Aloe-E


Description- Smooth 1 to 2 dollops into damp hair and style as usual. If needed, re-apply on dry hair for touch-ups during the day. For extra frizz fighting use with De-Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner.

What I think about it-I Love this product it makes my hair so soft.

Graduation/Graduation Haul

Hi Everyone

I graduated May 22, 2009. Sorry I didn't get this up then but i've been so busy. So the night I graduated was the best time of my life. I finally got out of High School. I have a big family so I have a haul that i'm going to tell you about. I got alot of cards from my family, friends, and parents friends. I'm still waiting on three more cards.


My aunt and uncle Janet & Jesse $100.00
My aunt Debbie - gift & 50.00
My aunt Sandra -50.00
My aunt Donna -50.00
My uncle Mike - 25.00
My aunt and uncle Melissa & Randy- 20.00
My Grandpa-50.00
My cousin and his wife Brian & Melanie- 50.00
My cousin and her husband Amanda & Justin- 25.00
My Moms friend and her husband sharon and steve - 25.00
My Moms friend and her husband Linnie & Bobby- 35.00
My Moms friend and his wife Stephen & Debbie-gift. Cute bag & candle decorator thing
My Step Dads friend Hubert & Emily-20.00
My Step Dads Friend Tommy & Mary- 20.00
My cousin and her husband Heather & Tommy-100.00
My Hair Dresser Illene -shes going to send something she said
My Step Dads Brother Tony & Family- 50.00
My Uncle Buddy - Walmart gift card
Adam (Dad)-100.00
My Ex Step mom Tanja-60.00
My papaw mack-20.00
My Boyfriends Parents Jimbo & Tammy- Disney
My Boyfriends Grandpa Troy- 20.00 & gift
My Parents Friends Peter & Tonya - 25.00
My Boyfriends Aunt Mattie-20.00
My Friend Becky - Gift
My Ex Step Moms Bother and Wife Richard & Judy- 25.00
My Ex Step Moms Dad and her step mother Richard & Lynn-20.00
My boyfriends relative Erma- 20.00
My Parents Friend Ann Anderson- 25.00

My Parents got me a Hp Pavilion dv5-1235 Entertainment Notebook PC and They may be getting me a car soon.

About Me

First Name: Whitney
Grade: Freshmen College
Favorite Color: Pink or Yellow
Do you like makeup? Yes
What's your favorite eyeshadow? Urban Decay Purple Haze
Do you put your eyeliner on with your mouth open or shut? Both
Do you prefer lipstick or lipgloss? Lip Gloss
Do you like nail polish? Yes
What's your favorite color for your nails? Pink
What's your style? Preppy
Do you carry a purse? Yes
Do you prefer big, medium, or little sized purses? Big/Medium and little ones when i go shopping.
How many piercings do you have & what are they? 2 and ears & belly button
How much makeup do you have? Alot.
What is your favorite food? Chicken & Rice
What is your favorite drink? Dr.pepper, Coke or Red Bull