Saturday, June 6, 2009

About Me

First Name: Whitney
Grade: Freshmen College
Favorite Color: Pink or Yellow
Do you like makeup? Yes
What's your favorite eyeshadow? Urban Decay Purple Haze
Do you put your eyeliner on with your mouth open or shut? Both
Do you prefer lipstick or lipgloss? Lip Gloss
Do you like nail polish? Yes
What's your favorite color for your nails? Pink
What's your style? Preppy
Do you carry a purse? Yes
Do you prefer big, medium, or little sized purses? Big/Medium and little ones when i go shopping.
How many piercings do you have & what are they? 2 and ears & belly button
How much makeup do you have? Alot.
What is your favorite food? Chicken & Rice
What is your favorite drink? Dr.pepper, Coke or Red Bull

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