Saturday, June 6, 2009

Graduation/Graduation Haul

Hi Everyone

I graduated May 22, 2009. Sorry I didn't get this up then but i've been so busy. So the night I graduated was the best time of my life. I finally got out of High School. I have a big family so I have a haul that i'm going to tell you about. I got alot of cards from my family, friends, and parents friends. I'm still waiting on three more cards.


My aunt and uncle Janet & Jesse $100.00
My aunt Debbie - gift & 50.00
My aunt Sandra -50.00
My aunt Donna -50.00
My uncle Mike - 25.00
My aunt and uncle Melissa & Randy- 20.00
My Grandpa-50.00
My cousin and his wife Brian & Melanie- 50.00
My cousin and her husband Amanda & Justin- 25.00
My Moms friend and her husband sharon and steve - 25.00
My Moms friend and her husband Linnie & Bobby- 35.00
My Moms friend and his wife Stephen & Debbie-gift. Cute bag & candle decorator thing
My Step Dads friend Hubert & Emily-20.00
My Step Dads Friend Tommy & Mary- 20.00
My cousin and her husband Heather & Tommy-100.00
My Hair Dresser Illene -shes going to send something she said
My Step Dads Brother Tony & Family- 50.00
My Uncle Buddy - Walmart gift card
Adam (Dad)-100.00
My Ex Step mom Tanja-60.00
My papaw mack-20.00
My Boyfriends Parents Jimbo & Tammy- Disney
My Boyfriends Grandpa Troy- 20.00 & gift
My Parents Friends Peter & Tonya - 25.00
My Boyfriends Aunt Mattie-20.00
My Friend Becky - Gift
My Ex Step Moms Bother and Wife Richard & Judy- 25.00
My Ex Step Moms Dad and her step mother Richard & Lynn-20.00
My boyfriends relative Erma- 20.00
My Parents Friend Ann Anderson- 25.00

My Parents got me a Hp Pavilion dv5-1235 Entertainment Notebook PC and They may be getting me a car soon.

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  1. WOW! thats amazinn :D woop woop! niice one gall :) xox